All The Bright Places

16646123Ever read one of those books that works its way into your heart and then rips it out?

All The Bright Places is one of those books that leaves a mark. It affects your life in a way that some books are incapable of. Jennifer Niven weaves a tale of young love and loss.

Violet is a senior who lost her one and only sister in a car accident. The world is telling her to move on but she can’t seem to find the way. She had big plans for her future but after her sister’s death she’s lost and unsure.

Finch is a boy still trying to find himself without losing his foothold on this world. He gets lost sometimes but always finds a way back. Then one day, he finds Violet. She becomes an anchor for him. Someone he can turn to when he feels himself floating away. In contrast, Finch becomes Violet’s wings. He takes her to places she never would have dreamed of visiting right in their own state. He teaches her to climb mountains and that it’s ok to move on without forgetting the ones we lost.

While focusing on the tough subjects of teenagedom, Niven is elegant in her storytelling. She manages to create characters both lovable and personal. Though not your typical teen romance, Niven does a wonderful job keeping the reader engaged. All The Bright Places was incredibly difficult to put down. I highly recommend it, but be sure you have some tissues nearby.

5 thoughts on “All The Bright Places

  1. Wasn’t this book fantastic? I went to a book talk Jennifer Niven held a few years ago, having never heard of it, and she spoke with such passion. I wasn’t at all surprised to get that feeling from the book too.


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