American Gods

american-godsI admit, I haven’t read much Gaiman. The Graveyard Book and Good Omens are all I’ve ever known of Gaiman’s work. And while I thoroughly enjoyed both books, I was never quite prone to picking up another one of his works. That has since changed.

American Gods has been on my reading list for a while and after getting annoyed with myself for not reading it sooner, a friend of mine put it on our book club’s reading list. I was so thankful to finally have a reason to crack this one open. Do you ever have a book that just feels good in your hands? Well, my copy of American Gods was exactly like that. I loved just flipping through the pages and feeling its weight.

That being said, this book was difficult for me to get through. Gaiman’s writing style is at its best. His proficient use in descriptions and alluring paragraphs does nothing but amplify the classic this book will become. However, I found the book exhausting to complete. Gaiman weaves in story after story that tell of the Gods of old. And while they do give a nice background to the characters involved, they mostly seem unnecessary and tiring. Gaiman did everything correctly in creating American Gods and his ultimate lesson in all of it is strong. But the ending left something to be desired. All in all, a decent read albeit long. I can’t wait to see what they do with it in the TV remake.