The Fifth Petal

29741905A guilty pleasure of mine, I love to read just about anything dealing with the Salem Witch Trials and just Salem in that time period. I find it fascinating what fear can do to a group of people. So when I saw The Fifth Petal and read the blurb, I was excited to see what Brunonia Barry could do with one of my favorite subjects.

In 1989 on Halloween night, four women were murdered and a fifth went missing. The woman they had been boarding with was under scrutinization for the incident, but the trauma of losing them was too much for her and she’d begun to lose her mind. On the same night of the murders, a daughter of one of the victims was found and taken in by some nuns. Twenty-five years later and the case is reopened.

Barry weaves a tale of mystery, love, and finding family. I could not put this book down. While there were moments that seemed a bit redundant, the story moved along nicely. I got annoyed with a couple of the characters but that’s a show of a great author. Barry created characters that were easy to get involved with, while you may not love them you’ll definitely be interested in their fate. Barry also manages to keep you guessing. The ending was definitely a surprise which I love! All in all, a very well-told story with some magic involved. If you’re a lover of all things Salem or “witchy”, I highly suggest you pick up The Fifth Petal and add it to your reading list.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.