Review: Echo North

A young woman. A white wolf. A curse. Echo, a woman facially scarred by a wolf when she was younger, waits for her father to return from the city. Left with her stepmother who despises her, Echo frets as time drags on and still her father has not returned. So, she does what any daughter would do and sets out on her own to find him and bring him back. But what she finds was nothing that she expected. Forced to make a deal with a monster in order to save her father’s life, Echo finds herself in a world of magic and mystery and a fight to save her captor.

Echo North is an intricate retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Filled with beautiful prose and a wondrous world of magic, Joanna Ruth Meyer had me hooked from the beginning. Echo is a character easy to love and discovering her familial relationships felt almost like Cinderella. While I found the writing to be exquisite, I did find my interest slipping a bit when explanations of the world grew long. But that was easily overlooked.

If you want a book that keeps you on your toes but will also warm your heart, Echo North is the book for you. Plot twist upon plot twist kept me guessing what would happen next. The comfort of a familiar story was ever present. But not so much that I felt bored. And of course, what would a fairytale be without romance? This book had everything!