The Age of Miracles


What would you do if the world stopped turning? If the sun no longer set at its usual time? If the crops started dying? If the boy you liked never looked your way?

The Age of Miracles is a unique coming-of-age story about a young girl named Julia and the life she leads when her world literally stops turning. Karen Thompson Walker pulls us into an apocalyptic world like no other. Usually, when I think of the world ending, I envision nuclear warfare, a large meteor striking Earth, a major natural disaster. But Walker’s version is much more subtle however no less traumatic.

Julia is a young girl on the verge of teenager-dom, dealing with the ebb and flow of friendships as she moves from elementary school to middle school. She is living in a world full of personal drama and family drama. Add the end of the world to that, how would you react?

Ms. Walker creates an illusionary world of long days and freezing cold nights. However, as out of the realm this may seem, Walker’s vision seems absolutely realistic. I found myself coming out of her story and wondering why there was nothing on the news about “The Slowing” as she calls it. The Age of Miracles asks what society would do if the apocalypse was not so quick and dramatic as has been portrayed before.

If you’re looking for a unique, out of this world novel, I highly recommend picking up The Age of Miracles.