Wicked Intentions


I’ve read a few of Elizabeth Hoyt’s books in the past. They’ve always been very enjoyable. So when I had the chance to read her newest book, Wicked Intentions, I was very excited.

Ms. Hoyt is quite the storyteller. She manages to pull the reader in and not let them go. And if you’re into romance novels, she’s an exquisite writer. Wicked Intentions is no different.

Set in London, the story opens upon the widow Temperance Dews. Now a co-owner of her father’s charitable orphan home, she and her brother Winter are fighting to find a way to keep the home open and help the children of St. Giles.

One evening she is approached by a mysterious Lord Caire who seeks her help in an investigation. By doing so, he will introduce her to the high and mighty of society to see if she can find a patron for the home.

The characters are loveable (and frustrating at times). The story flows well and leaves no questions unanswered. However, the erotic scenes in the book seem oddly placed in context with the storyline. Not only that but there is a touch of BDSM in the scenes which makes me feel like Hoyt is simply trying to ride on the success of Fifty Shades of Grey. I’m not opposed to this but it feels as if this detail was put in the story simply to attract the same audience. As the story comes to an end, it’s almost as if Hoyt became weary of writing and just wanted the story to end. Very anticlimactic.

For a quick and easy read, this book is perfect. It doesn’t require much thought to follow the progression of the story and allows for some mystery throughout. If you’re looking to get into Elizabeth Hoyt’s novels, this would be a good first choice.