Review: The Black Witch

Elloren Gardner is the granddaughter of the last great mage. The spitting image in every way, except one. Elloren has no magic. In a society that prides themselves on the magic abilities of others, Elloren is granted the opportunity to attend the prestigious Verpax University. But while Elloren tries her hardest to focus on her learning, there are other forces at work. Along the way, she must learn to free her mind of the teachings of her childhood and learn to think for herself for once.

blackwitchFirst, let me say that I enjoyed this book. The story was lovely. However, I found it hard to fall into the story fully. The writing at the beginning of the book seemed disjointed. I was never completely able to relate to the characters even though I enjoyed their adventures. I also found a few typing errors in the book, which always throws me off.

That being said, Laurie Forest definitely kept me hanging towards the end of the book and I find myself excited for the next installment of The Black Witch Chronicles.