The Light Between Oceans

13158800I had looked forward to reading this book for so long. The synopsis seemed like a great story. Little did I know how much this would affect me.

The Light Between Oceans tells the tale of a war hero and a headmaster’s daughter who fall in love and move to an island so he can be a lightkeeper. Tom, the lightkeeper, is quiet and subdued. He doesn’t shed much light on his past and we only know bits and pieces. Isabel, a young feisty girl, falls for Tom hard and burrows her way into his life. They are the perfect team and suited for each other well. But there’s only one problem. They can’t have children, the one thing that Isabel wants most in life.

After the loss of their third child, Isabel is distraught and deep in mourning. But a dinghy floats onto the shores of their island carrying a deceased man and a young baby. Immediately Isabel takes to the little one, who they call Lucy. She convinces her husband to keep the child, justifying it by God giving them a child to replace the one they’d just lost. But what happens when they find out the baby has a mother who is alive, and living not far from them?

This story offers so much. As a mother of three beautiful children, I can’t imagine one of them disappearing and not knowing what became of them. On the other hand, I can’t imagine never having them in my life and wanting so desperately to have children of my own. The Light Between Oceans is a deep reflection on two mothers’ love for the same child, although different to each one. M.L. Stedman has a wonderful writing style; both straightforward and poetic. While some parts of the book seemed to drag, overall this story kept my interest and had me in tears by the end.