Becoming The Dragon

IMG-1643Step into a world of orc, elves, gnomes, and dragons with Alex Sapegin’s Becoming the Dragon. Andrew is a normal sixteen-year-old who isn’t so normal after his electrifying accident two years prior. Suddenly, technology doesn’t really like his presence. He hasn’t really felt himself. And fate is about to make that even worse as he is suddenly thrown into an entirely different world. Even in this new world, he’s unique.

While I enjoyed Sapegin’s storytelling, I had a difficult time being pulled into this book until the very end. The writing was very choppy and had little flow. Among the choppiness, I was distracted by the many repetitive sentences as well as some misspellings. However, I’m chalking this up to the translation process. Becoming the Dragon was first published in Russian and has since been brought over to the U.S. in order to allow American readers to enjoy some modern Russian literature. Fantasy lovers will thoroughly fall in love with this story, if they can overlook some of the technical problems.

I received this book from Smith Publicity, Inc. for review.

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