Review: King of the South

Livingston has lived through a war, the loss of his parents, and now his best friend. Rainey has lost her brother and suddenly found that her family is penniless. The only way to save them? Find a suitable husband within sixty days so she can use her dowry to pay her family’s debts. Here’s the catch, Livingston is the executor of her dowry. Livingston, who she has grown up with, who she argues with constantly, who makes her feel things she’s never felt before. But Livingston is the biggest womanizer she’s ever met. How can she find a husband with her longtime friend distracting her?

King of the South by Calia Read is filled with southern charm and sass. From the sweltering heat in Charleston to the Spanish moss in Savannah, it’s hard not to feel at home with the characters. Read pulls you into a south that’s been troubled with war and is just trying to recover. While the story may be familiar, Read makes it her own with interesting characters and subtle twists.

While I thoroughly enjoyed reading King of the South, I found Calia Read’s writing a bit confusing at time. There were some inconsistencies that pulled me out of the flow of the story. However, I still found myself wanting to continue and finish the story, hoping these characters would find their happily ever after. If you’re looking for a book that’s filled with that southern charm and some romance…and some sass…definitely pick up King of the South.

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